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Eldridge Rodriguez delivers ripping new track “U-Lock” — listen

on October 16, 2015, 11:50am

Eldridge Rodriguez is a family affair, not just for the relatives involved, but for the Boston music scene in general. At its base, the band is made up of two pairs of brothers: Cameron and Clayton Keiber, and Dennis and David Grabowski. The roots run even deeper than that, though. Cameron and Dennis played together in Boston favorites The Beatings, the Grabowski brothers are both in Louder My Dear, and the Keibers run indie label Midriff Records, Cameron from Boston and Clayton from Brooklyn. Eldridge Rodriguez started as an outlet for Cameron’s musical aspirations outside of The Beatings, but over the years has grown like a family tree into something much bigger.

Now, the band is releasing their sixth album and first in four years, The Castrati Menace. Though “Menace” may be in the title, the album is more melodious than much of their past material. But don’t let that fool you, this is still a noisy-ass band capable of pummeling you with sound. For proof, take a listen to new song “U-Lock”. Cameron’s vocals come on like a strained yell, diced up amidst sharp guitar chops and a dense wall of noise. Underneath all the insanity, though, a sprinting, springing bass line and some playful cymbal runs bring a brightness to the otherwise dark track. It’s noise pop with a hard rock hairdo, so you might want to check your volume level before you hit play below.