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Festival Supreme 2015 Review: From Worst to Best

on October 12, 2015, 12:00am
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While Tenacious D receive reverence as the Festival Supreme curators, and Die Antwoord wrapped up the music lineup, the undisputed headliners of the comedy portion of the festival were The Kids in the Hall. The five-member Canadian troop (Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson) are legends of sketch comedy, though the members even readily admitted that they were probably only well-known by the 41-year-old dudes who dragged their girlfriends to the festival because they liked the Kids back in college.

But, if there was any question of how their comedy has aged, it was quickly dispelled following a sketch with all five members donning wedding dresses in a commentary about gay marriage and a solo performance by McDonald singing about the history of the group. Some of the guys’ favorites found their way into the fold, like Thompson’s iconic Buddy Cole and “Running Faggot” from the Kids’ first season on TV. During the latter and throughout a sketch set in a high-end restaurant, the comedians would struggle to hold it together, finding each others’ character performances too funny to keep a straight face. It all felt vital and worthy of its placement, a reward for braving a hot day of hit and miss performances. –Philip Cosores

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