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Kanye West surprise releases two new tracks: “When I See It” and “Say You Will” Remix — listen

on October 19, 2015, 4:46pm

As of late, Kanye West has seemed to place much more of a priority on his burgeoning fashion career than his music — he even admitted as much during an interview with In Camera last month. Today, however, Kanye returns behind the board for the surprise release of two new songs: a sultry, Auto-Tuned ballad called “When I See It”, which samples The Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends”, and a new remix of his 808s & Heartbreak track “Say You Will” featuring singer Caroline Shaw.

“When I See It”:

“Say You Will”:

The two tracks, along with his recent full performance of 808s in Los Angeles, suggest Kanye may be looking back on his fourth studio album as inspiration for his next LP, SWISH. Kanye recently admitted his struggle in finding a purpose for the album. Another, equally logical theory is that “When I See It” is simply a reference track for a scrapped guest verse on The Weeknd track, and the “Say You Will” remix was done in preparation for the aforementioned 808s concerts. If that’s the case, Kanye could simply be using Soundcloud to unveil some unreleased music from the vault as a way to drum up attention for the impending SWISH.

Whatever the case, it seems this is only the beginning of new music from Kanye. “It starts,” teases Travis Scott regarding today’s surprise release.