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Old Man Canyon shares new song “Back To The Start” — listen

on October 07, 2015, 1:30pm

Photo​ ​by ​​Cody Briggs

Vancouver songwriter and Old Man Canyon band leader Jett Pace has always thrived on change. After graduating high school, Pace ventured abroad to Europe and Central America. It was a transformative experience, proving him with a new artistic vision. When he came back home he started a band with a few friends, but it quickly dissolved. He ended up spending more time alone working on solo material that would become Old Man Canyon’s 2014 debut EP, Phantoms & Friends.

Those first recordings saw him operating in a more stripped-down, singer-songwriter model. Now Pace is preparing to make a change again, foregoing the acoustic guitars and instead embracing synthesizers. It’s a sound he’ll explore heavily on his upcoming full-length debut, Delirium, out in early 2016. Ahead of the release, he’s giving a taste of the changes to come with his dreamy new song “Back To The Start”.

“It’s about that moment in life when you have a realization that things aren’t how you want them,” Pace tells Consequence of Sound. “That inner voice that is always fully aware of what needs to change. It’s about the process of returning to a place of simplicity, where we are inspired to create and be something. It’s not meant to make you feel depressed or hopeless but to remind you of your ability to change and shift the circumstances in your life, at any moment.”

Right away, the distinctions from Pace’s previous material are apparent. Warbling synthesizers ease into the track, creating a foundation for his familiar and smooth vocals. Shimmering guitars add flowing textures, building a sense of movement. The song echoes Pace’s forward-thinking creative process, evolving and expanding with each verse. It’s a marvelous reintroduction to Old Man Canyon, reinventing while keeping his sense of pop-accessibility that likely won over his fans in the first place.

Listen in below.