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Seratones share new single “Take It Easy” — listen

on October 08, 2015, 11:30am

Shreveport, Louisiana indie rock band Seratones was born out of the atypical union of punk rock fandom and Baptist roots. Frontwoman AJ Haynes first started wailing away in her church when she was just six years old. As she got older, she and her future bandmates became infatuated with their local underground scene. In 2014, they finally decided to put their mutual passions together and form Seratones.

Their first singles have tapped into the group’s raucous roots mixed with gospel conviction, a blend that’s built them a sturdy foundation. They’ve already landed guest spots on NPR and a record contract with Fat Possum, which is releasing their latest 7-inch. Today, Seratones are sharing the decidedly low-key B-side, “Take It Easy”.

“’Take It Easy’ is about taking a risk with someone you probably shouldn’t … but there’s only one way to find out,” the band tells Consequence of Sound. “Never mistake vulnerability for weakness. Get down with the get down.”

While the song isn’t as abrasive as some of the band’s previous material, it supplants the raw power with emotional weight. Haynes’ voice thrusts throughout, switching between emphatic howls and breezy falsetto. Meanwhile, guitars rumble below her, oozing with distortion. Much like how Haynes’ lyrics pertain to bravery, the song feels like a bold move. It’s closer to a ballad than some might expect from the band, but it’s one that tears at the soul with sharp teeth.

Listen in below.

And here’s the A-Side, “Necromancer”.

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