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Slutface issue feminist punk screed “Get My Own” — listen

on October 15, 2015, 11:25am

Photo by William Glandberger

Earlier this year, Slutface wowed us with a magnetic midday performance at Norway’s Øya Festival — and, of course, with their hilariously unabashed choice of band name, too. The Scandinavian four-piece has spent some time in the studio since then, and are now putting out a new single via Propeller Recordings, which just launched a singles club called 0E0E (pronounced “naughty naughty”).

Slutface already unveiled the brash pop punk A-side to the release earlier this week in the form of “Shave My Head”, and now they’re sharing its counterpart, “Get My Own”. While no less energetic, the B-side takes a darker, more combative tone than “Shave My Head”, as lead singer Haley Shea takes up the space she’s been denied all her life because of her gender. “We refuse to be scared to walk all alone,” she sings. “I know I’ll get my own/ I can’t spend any more time here in the dark.”

“Whereas ‘Shave My Head’ was supposed to be a kind of ironic view on how we portray women, ‘Get My Own’ is a more direct set of demands,” Shea says of the track. “It picks up some of the same themes, but is much more direct in saying women deserve more space than we are given, and we are going to step up and take it.”

Listen in to both tracks below.

“Get My Own”:

“Shave My Head”:

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