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Stream: Aaron Taos’ genre-bending debut EP, Guits

on October 13, 2015, 11:00am

23-year-old Brooklyn songwriter Aaron Taos is the missing link between weirdo folk and hip-hop bravado. He’s a product of the Internet age, having been exposed to so many sounds and genres he’s able to break down the lines with ease. This boldness to transcend barriers has led to a quick ascension for Taos. He only released his first song, “ILL”, earlier this year, but has garnered significant blog buzz for his smart lyricism and his grooving rhythms. His fast-rising reputation landed him a few spots at artist showcases during this year’s CMJ, which should only aid in his continued growth.

Today, Taos is putting out his first official release with the Guits EP. The six-track EP showcases Taos commanding skill-set. He moves swiftly between slacker anthems like “Bangs” to the dreamy “Simple & Sober”. Each track feels breezy with Tao’s words gliding over the reverb-drenched guitars and swinging rhythms. Taos’ greatest asset is his confident demeanor, something that gives a free-style vibe to his carefully crafted sing-talk melodies. It’s effortless, simple, and cooly captivating.

Stream the EP in full below.

Guits EP Tracklist:
01. ILL
02. Bangs
03. Simple & Sober
04. Jilabun
05. Hands
06. Blow

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