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Stream: Babes’ debut album Untitled (Five Tears)

on October 28, 2015, 1:55pm

Siblings Aaron, Zach and Sarah Rayne Leigh first started playing with their cousins Jeffrey Baird and Bryan Harris when they were all just kids. It wasn’t until 2014 that they finally emerged as a band named Babes with their sparse and dreamy self-titled debut EP. Work on their first full-length record resembled the nostalgia of family road trips, recording the entire album on a mobile rig as they stopped at various spots around Los Angeles. These traveling sessions resulted in Untitled (Five Tears), out October 30th via Barsuk Records.

Despite the fun and free concept of recording on the road, Five Tears is more concerned with loss and death. In a press statement, the band said that they  “just don’t want to cry so much anymore.” The music is designed as a coping device, steering thoughts away from lovers leaving and towards focusing on the pleasurable moments in life.

These ideas of change and euphoria coexist sublimely on the album’s 10 tracks. A song like “Lonely Forever” mixes ’80s pop aesthetics with downright depressing lyrics like, “Cause if you fall in love, then your heart is gonna fall too.” Elsewhere on “How Do You Make Love Stop?”, the band encourages the heartbroken to cry over demure, purple-hued synths. The record is an exercise in accepting the pain we all feel in our lives as natural and shifting our attention to something more beautiful. It’s a complex idea that most of us struggle with constantly, but Babes handle it masterfully.

Stream it in full below.

When asked for a comment about the record, the band simply replied, “Call us – (470) BABES-77.” Dial it up, and check the tracklist below.

Untitled (Five Tears) Tracklist:
01. I Want Love
02. I’ve Got a Reason to Keep on Living
03. Lonely Forever
04. Nothing Left In My Heart
05. Wild Dreams
06. How Do You Make Love Stop
07. Come Back To Me
08. Totally Out Of Control
09. I Need Love
10. Life Come Into Me