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The Pope sells out, ditches prog-rock for more radio friendly sound

on October 30, 2015, 3:19pm

You know rock ‘n’ roll is dead if even the Pope is ditching it. Francis’ debut album, Wake Up!, was originally announced to be a prog-rock album of heavenly proportions. However, based on the latest single, “¿Por qué sufren los ninos?” (“Why do children suffer?”), it seems the 266th Pontifex of the Catholic Church has changed course and is now aiming for a more radio-friendly sound.

Featuring Italian artist Anna Tosato and the accompaniment of an orchestra, the track is less Deep Purple and more a traditional church hymn. It’s a total bore, more vanilla than a two-liter of Vanilla Coke. I get the Pope not wanting to make the devil’s music, but man, give me Creed any day.

You could give “¿Por qué sufren los ninos?” a spin…

…but I recommend listening to the Pope’s one and only hit, “Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!”, and never forget the time the Pope went prog.

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