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Top 10 Songs of the Week (10/2)

on October 02, 2015, 12:00pm
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Sometimes there are songs that are so good that it doesn’t matter who performs them. Other times, there are performers so captivating that it doesn’t matter what they’re delivering. But, as we saw when Beyoncé and Eddie Vedder covered “Redemption Song”, there are times when the Venn diagram covers both of those strengths, and we’re left with something downright magical. Such is the case with another batch of the week’s best songs, ranging from the spiritual funk of Flying Lotus, Thundercat, and Shabazz Palaces’ WOKE to the emotionally resonant indie rock of Radiator Hospital. Dig in below for some dazzling tunes.

10. The Muscadettes – “Earthquake”

The Muscadettes

Despite currently calling Montreal home, twin sisters Chantal and Kathleen Ambridge stay true to their sunny California roots on “Earthquake”. The latest single from their band, The Muscadettes, sounds all sunny and sweet, but there’s a darkness lingering under the satin harmonies, jangly guitar, and twinkling keys. “Surrender, my tender/ Your heart is my revolver/ I pull the trigger to the beat,” they sing, the jaunty rhythm never suggesting there could be pain coming with each and every snare hit. “Earthquake”, and the rest of their Side B EP, officially drops November 6th from PaperCup Music. –Adam Kivel

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