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Tyler the Creator gets chased by an angry mob in video for “BUFFALO” — watch

on October 02, 2015, 12:55am

Tyler the Creator has faced his fair share of criticism in recent weeks (or throughout his career, for that matter). Most recently he was banned from the United Kingdom and canceled an Australian tour, both as a result of his questionable lyrical content. His new video for the Cherry Bomb track “BUFFALO” seems to channel this sense of persecution and mob mentality — quite literally.

The video opens with Tyler painted completely white before zooming out to reveal he’s hanging by a noose on a tree limb. An angry pitchfork mob shouts at him until he falls down, then begin chasing him. Later he appears speaking at a podium wearing black face. Suddenly the video stops and transitions into a fake ’70s talk-show interview and performance of his track “FIND YOUR WINGS”. It’s about as manic and striking as we’ve come to expect from Tyler, no doubt pushing the comfort levels of his audience.

Check out the surreal video below.

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