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Weezer debut new song “Thank God for Girls” live — listen

on October 21, 2015, 2:20pm

Photo​ ​by​ ​Catherine Watkins

With a post to TwitterWeezer promised to release a new single on October 26th. On Tuesday evening, however, the band previewed the song for the crowd at a special iHeartRadio event. Entitled “Thank God for Girls”, the track actually sounds a bit like a ’90s West Coast hip-hop song at first, riding in low on vibrating notes and some plinked piano. Even River Cuomo’s delivery is a bit rap-ish, as he sings, “Girl at the pastry shop/ With the net in the hair/ Is making up an order for you to take/ On your hiking trip in the woods with your boys.”

It finally busts out into the kind of anthemic nerd rock song Weezer is loved for on the chorus. There’s still a bit of an edge to the cut, though, thanks to a somewhat menacing guitar strain and some trudging drums. With a name like “Thank God for Girls”, it’s not hard to figure out what the song is about, but it definitely sounds like something different from the band.

Weezer actually performed the track twice during the event, and someone was smart enough to record the entire thing the second time through. The recording starts with about a minute and a half of chatter and preparation before getting to the song, and you can take a listen below.

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