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A Brief History of Musicians-Turned-Filmmakers

on November 11, 2015, 12:00am
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George Harrison


george harrison life of brian A Brief History of Musicians Turned Filmmakers

“‘We’re gonna create, you know, a company, and we, we’re gonna give you the money. And it’s four million dollars.’ And he mortgaged his house to put up the money for this movie. Um, because he wanted to see it. Which is still the most anyone’s paid for a cinema ticket…” –Eric Idle, on George Harrison funding Monty Python’s Life of Brian

That’s how cool George was. He was The Beatles’ unsung hero with the secret-weapon guitar, happy to sit back while Paul and John vied for the limelight. He was the one that founded the Concert for Bangladesh and used his powers for philanthropic good. Harrison helped Monty Python get their classic film made, opening up HandMade Films, the production label that produced British hits and classics like Withnail & I, The Long Good Friday, Mona Lisa, Time Bandits, and Shanghai Surprise.

Wait. Shanghai Surprise? Hey, Madonna! Get off of George’s spot on this list!

Still At It? Though Harrison passed away in 2001, HandMade Films continues to produce movies. Recently, the production label helped produce 127 Hours, Planet 51, and more.

Blake Goble

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