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Chastity shares new single “You’re Scary Now” — listen

on November 03, 2015, 12:00pm

Growing up in the suburbs can feel stifling. For many artists, the monotony of white picket fences and four-door sedans is exhausting and redundant. For Chastity’s Brandon Williams, however, it’s an inspiration. Last year, the Whitby, Ontario native picked up his guitar and turned his cul-de-sac boredom into gnarly garage rock riffs. These middle-class musings have culminated in his debut EP, TAPE, out November 13th via Hand Drawn Dracula. We’ve already heard the pent-up “Manning Hill”, and now he’s continuing to vent his frustrations with his latest single, “You’re Scary Now”.

Williams’ voice swoons over layers of reverb-drenched guitars and droning bass lines on the song, blurring the lines between punk and shoegaze. The lyrics that do break through the haze showcase Williams’ angst as he howls, “Don’t pick a war before you know who you’re fighting for.” The song continues to escalate, becoming an anthem for suburban dysphoria with jabs at people restraining their true selves in order to conform to social norms. In Williams’ eyes, nothing is scarier than this.

“‘You’re Scary Now’ and ‘Manning Hill’ were recorded in a few hours,” Williams tells Consequence of Sound. “I just wanted to get demos, like references. I showed the recordings to some friends, and I think they were the ones to decide against them being called just demos.”

Listen to the not-a-demo below.