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Chris Storrow shares warm, self-assured pop single “Raised The Bar” — listen

on November 19, 2015, 5:05pm

If you know of Chris Storrow at all, it’s probably from his time in Bossanova, the eclectic Canadian musical group whose last full-length, Hey, Sugar, arrived in 2006. Since then, Storrow has relocated from Vancouver to Montreal and honed his musical focus to the romantic sounds of ’60s AM radio. Following the difficult recording process of Hey, Sugar, his goal was to create an accessible but intimate pop album.

It may have taken nine years to get here, but The Ocean’s Door is undoubtedly that album. Storrow’s first solo effort will be released on February 5, 2016, and it’s stocked with enough warm hooks to melt away the worst of winter. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s aided by New Pornographers drummer Kurt Dahle and a slew of other notable musicians including Evan Cranley (Stars) and Max Henry (Suuns, Young Galaxy).

Dahle’s contributions are especially notable on lead single “Raised The Bar”. As Storrow notes, “You get a really great example of the power of his playing in the build-up to the last chorus.” The song itself sounds confident riding its own simple melody, which makes sense given the lyrical themes. “It’s about growing into a more self-assured person,” explains Storrow, “and doing away with the influences in your life that drag you down.”

Check out “Raised The Bar” below. We promise it won’t drag you down.

The Ocean’s Door Album Artwork:

47871 Chris Storrow shares warm, self assured pop single Raised The Bar    listen

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