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Fun Fun Fun Festival 2015 Review: From Worst to Best

on November 09, 2015, 10:00pm
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Schoolboy Q

Photo by Philip Cosores

Schoolboy Q was fighting a nasty cold and was visibly and audibly fatigued for his Blue Stage headlining set. “I’m worn out,” he admitted, taking breathers after each track to wipe down with a towel. After “Hands on the Wheel”, he stepped back for a monologue: “Ya’ll ready for another album? I know I am. I’m so tired of performing these songs. ‘Man of the Year’? Tired of it. ‘Collard Greens’? Tired of it. ‘Studio’? Tired of it. ‘Hell of a Night’? So fucking tired of it.” He performed all these cuts, albeit begrudgingly. Maybe it was the illness, but this was not Schoolboy’s finest hour. –Jon Hadusek

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