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LP shares new single “Lost on You” — listen

on November 16, 2015, 11:25am

It took Laura Pergolizzi nearly a decade to find her footing as a solo artist under the initialed name LP. After struggling through the label scene, she ended up turning to writing songs for other musicians just to stay in the game. She wrote or co-wrote tracks for the likes of Backstreet Boys (“Love Will Keep You Up All Night”), Christina Aguilera (“Beautiful People”), and Rihanna (“Cheers (Drink to That)”), eventually earning enough clout to gain attention from Warner Bros. The label signed on for the release of her 2014 album Forever for Now, an LP that finally gave LP the attention she deserved for her unique vocal and musical abilities. Now, she’s gearing up to keep her momentum going with a new record due early next year.

Coming this time from Vagrant Records, the album will feature two collaborations with producer Mike Del Rio of POWERS. The first, “Muddy Waters”, was released back in September, and now LP is sharing the second track, “Lost on You”. With a string section reminiscent of a Spaghetti Western score, the song kicks along a dusty, broken street, whistling dejectedly all the way. In her distinct nasal warble, Pergolizzi sings out a toast to the time wasted on a failed relationship. “Wishing I could see the machinations/ Understand the toil of expectations in your mind,” she pleads. “Hold me like you never lost your patience/ Tell me that you love me more than hate me all the time.” It’s a song of love and time lost, and you can check it out below.