Not surprisingly, Fox News hates Star Wars

on November 04, 2015, 12:45pm

We all know Fox News isn’t exactly a haven for good vibes and positive notions. In fact, it’s pretty well established itself as the network news home of fear and irrationality. But if there’s one thing that most of the universe can get behind without spewing hatred, you’d think it would be a beloved franchise like Star Wars. Wouldn’t you know it, Fox even found a way to be jerks about that, too.

On a recent episode of Your World with Neil Cavuto, host Neil Cavuto sat down with one Star Wars super fan (Mike Gunzelman) and a major detractor (Carley Shimkus) to discuss the craven anticipation for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Under the auspices of trying to figure out why fans are so excited for this new film, the whole thing crumbled into nothing but televised nerd bashing for five minutes.

At one point, Shimkus complains that, “People go online and buy tickets two months in advance, who will ruin the experience for people like you and me who are normal movie watchers.” I’m sorry, ruin it for you by being so excited to see it that we crash Fandango’s servers? Yeah, these movies weren’t exactly made for you, then, so don’t begrudge fans their desire to see the film first. Especially if you’re going to sit there and complain, as Shimkus does, that, “There’s like 16 million of them, and they’re all out of order!” Yes, chronology is so hard to follow when movies are released in 16-year intervals.

While Shimkus’ bug-eyed bullying is frustratingly offensive, Cavuto’s backwards arrogance is just astounding. He complains that The Force Awakens is getting too much attention while dedicating an entire segment to talking about it. He also expresses pure ignorance by not knowing J.J. Abrams, and posing a question 32 years out of date (“So, Darth Vader is dead, right?”). Worst of all, he essentially admits that Fox is the Evil Empire we all know it to be, saying, “But again, I’m not really into this whole thing, especially when I found out Fox has nothing to do with it.” (Fox owns distribution rights for the first six films through 2020, but is uninvolved with the new trilogy and Anthology films.)

See how strong the Dark Side is with Fox News by watching the maddening segment below (via Epicstream).