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South of France shares new song “Civilization” — listen

on November 09, 2015, 1:55pm

There are few places as romanticized as Southern France. The lush countrysides and painted skies look like they’re taken from the artwork on your mom’s secret stash of romance novels. It’s easy to be drawn to the region’s bright colors and breezy demeanor. Though they may not hail from le Midi, many of these same things could be said about the aptly named Denver indie pop duo South of France.

The project started in 2012 as an outlet for producer Jeff Cormack. He quickly found himself bonding with singer-songwriter Kelly Lueke, both fancying guitar pop aesthetics. In fact, their connection was so strong even beyond music that they ended up getting married and Kelly Lueke became Kelly Cormack. Later that year they’d release their anthemic debut, Another Boring Sunrise, showcasing the married couple’s lush and vibrant sensibilities. Now, they’re preparing to do it again with a follow-up planned for sometime next year. To tide fans over in the meantime, they’ve shared a new song, “Civilization”.

The song gleams like the sun reflecting off the French Riviera coast. The couple’s vocals intertwine magnetically, sticking to one another and spiraling enthusiastically. Jagged guitar lines crash against synthesizer drones and shaking drums. It’s brash, chaotic, and lovely — the perfect soundtrack for a French sunset.

“This song originally started out as a chord progression that Kelly was playing on the organ,” Jeff tells Consequence of Sound. “Feeling extremely inspired by the progression, I urged Kelly to be late for work in order to record what she was playing so that she could begin filling out the song one piece at time with guitar, drums, bass, synth etc. I quickly enlisted Shane Stoneback on the mix and we had what is our strongest single yet.”

Listen in below.