Stoners rejoice, Redman says How High 2 is coming 2017

on November 18, 2015, 5:56pm

Fourteen years ago, two white guys — director Jesse Dylan and writer Dustin Abraham — made a movie about two black guys — Redman and Method Man — who smoke a lot of pot in college. They called it How High, but you probably filed it away as “that stoner comedy with Wu-Tang.” Well, there’s going to be a sequel, which would be slightly strange if this weren’t 2015, when literally everything is getting rebooted, serialized, or remade.

Speaking with XXL, Redman did his usual dance around oft-discussed topics like Muddy Waters 2 and Blackout 3. As expected, there’s no release date for the former, though he plans to drop it in 2016, but he had something interesting to say about the latter, namely that he and Method Man “want to make it the soundtrack to How High 2.” Naturally, this led to some gentle prodding about the sequel everyone’s waiting for…

“Yeah, How High 2 is not going to drop until at least 2017,” he told the magazine, adding: “The writers are still writing the script. Just looking at it time wise and being realistic about it. By the time we shoot it, get it edited, color corrected, that’s going to be a year or so, so yeah about 2017.”

Before you start blasting “Cereal Killer” in joy, know that this isn’t exactly a concrete thing. The two rappers have been trying to get this off the ground since 2008, way back when Redman insisted Abraham was working on the script and proclaimed that “we wanna represent all the smokers.” Apparently, Universal hasn’t been hip to that agenda, which is why the project’s been stuck in developmental hell for years.

“Universal get that stick up out their ass, there’s a lot of people who wanna see this movie,” Method Man told TMZ in 2013. “Matter of fact, you guys should start a petition. And once you start it, then we’ll see where the big wigs heads are at, when it comes to Method Man and Redman, and then we’ll get that How High 2 poppin.”

Maybe someone’s finally listening? Who knows. What I do know is that I just wrote close to 400 words about this goddamn movie, so if it doesn’t happen, now I’ll be pissed.