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Stream: Amy & The Engine’s debut TandeMania EP

on November 06, 2015, 12:00pm

Garage rockers and pop stars can coexist. Amy & The Engine are proof of this. Though the Boston scene lately has been filled with mangled guitar distortion and screaming vocals, the group of Berklee School of Music alumni have built a strong following in their hometown. Fronted by former The Voice contestant Amy Allen, the group’s love of big hooks and danceable beats has earned them recognition from VH1’s Save The Music Foundation, NYC’s CMJ Music Marathon, and the New England Music Awards.

So far they’ve accomplished all of this off of the hype of a series of singles and their thrilling live performances. Now, the group is bringing their poptimism to the masses with their debut EP, TandeMania, out today. You can stream it in its entirety below.

The six-track EP runs the gamut of pop vitality. Opener “Arrows” flourishes with jangling guitar hooks and electronic drum snaps. Chugging rhythms thrust forward the sweet and serene “Love Me” before slowing down with the acoustic driven “Patience”. The band excels just as well at their excitable anthems as they do with their sweeping ballads. It’s an ode to the potential of Top 40, reveling in every bright vocal melody and catchy chorus.

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