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Stream: MUTEMATH’s new album Vitals

on November 12, 2015, 11:35am

New Orleans electro-rock outfit MUTEMATH has been relatively quiet since the release of 2011’s Odd Soul, but “quiet” is not a word one might use to describe the band’s latest effort. Vitals finds frontman Paul Meany and the rest of the quartet firing on all cylinders, its sound as infectious and, well, vital as anything they’ve done in the past.

That might have something to do with the circumstances surrounding its production. MUTEMATH rolled up their sleeves and produced their fourth full-length all on their own, without a label, manager, or producer to influence their direction. This resulted in some of Meany’s most confessional songwriting yet, though his lyrics about suffering through panic attacks (“Composed”) and finding hope in the present (“Monument”) are set against a background of stadium-sized hooks and vast, swelling synthesizers.

Describing the album’s celebratory tone, Meany says, “Hope is vital. It happens from finding a way to believe something great still lies ahead.” If Vitals is any indication, MUTEMATH has much to look forward to, starting with a Spring tour of the US in 2016.

Vitals is due out November 13th. Preorder the album via the band’s website, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play, and listen to the full stream below.

MUTEMATH has also released a short documentary that chronicles the making of Vitals. Check it out below.