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Top 10 Songs of the Week (11/20)

on November 20, 2015, 1:00pm
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02. Baroness – “Shock Me”


A near-death experience almost by necessity becomes a life-changer as well. Such seems to be the case with the harrowing bus crash that befell Baroness. While it’s not explicitly about the wreck that caused fractured vertebrae and an arm injury so severe that it almost cost John Baizley his arm, there’s a sense of the incident’s massive darkness and maybe even some light at the end of the tunnel. “Shock me/ I needed a surprise,” Baizley repeats, as soaring keys and gravelly guitar crash like epic waves — all driven by a brand new rhythm section, who sound as tight and rampaging as anything the band’s done. “A deep well of despair I found/ The day my dreams came true,” Baizley cries, that perfect Baroness blend. “Shock Me” and the rest of Purple will be available December 18th through Abraxan Hymns. —Adam Kivel

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