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Voodoo Experience 2015 Festival Review: From Worst to Best

on November 02, 2015, 10:00pm
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Painfully Unenthusiastic, Blatantly Selfish

Gerard Way

Photo by David Brendan Hall

A festival set not wasted is one where – even if the audience isn’t having a huge reaction – the artist on stage is giving 100 percent the entire time. With only 40 minutes or so to win over his fans, the former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way didn’t seem devoted in the slightest. Throughout a set of songs pulled almost exclusively from 2014’s Hesitant Alien, the lanky frontman stalked the stage – occasionally putting his foot on a monitor for added effect (maybe?) – looking bored and sounding tired. Perhaps he was exhausted toward the end of this album’s tour cycle, but he also effectively alienated any diehard MCR fans by neglecting to play a single track from that group’s four albums. Instead, he tossed out a cover of Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Snakedriver”, which seemed like a more selfish decision than an interesting one. –David Hall

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