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With Lions share new song “Down We Go” — listen

on November 04, 2015, 4:00pm

In stores across South America, patrons can pick up a bottle of something called Suerta Rapida. For the superstitious, it promises “fast luck” to those who bathe in or drink the elixir. It was during a trip to Panama that With Lions frontman Woody Ranere found a bottle of this wonder drug. The concept and aesthetic of the bottle stuck with him, evolving into a concept for his band’s next record.

Despite writing off Suerta Rapida as a snake-oil scheme, With Lions came across their own luck over the next few months. While the blues rock duo were demoing the album, Ranere and his bandmate Christian Celaya found an unforeseen collaborator in local musician Josh Thomas. Thomas was a child prodigy who grew up playing organ in his dad’s church and was currently hired as engineer at the same studio the band was recording in. He quickly became a force on the record, mind-melding with the duo and helping shape the album’s vision. Now, they’re sharing their good fortune with the release of their latest LP, Fast Luck, out January 15th. Ahead of the release, the band has shared the snarling new single “Down We Go”.

“The song is about how quickly things can fall apart or go wrong,” the band tells Consequence of Sound. “Once you make one bad decision and start to slide, be prepared to keep sliding down and oh by the way … the devil will be right there to help you on your way, which rather than fighting that, you embrace it.”

A crunchy electric guitar solo opens the track, a harbinger of the madness that’s to come. Ranere’s voice howls and hisses over the guitar and clicking drums, reveling in the track’s looming darkness. Each new verse builds the intensity with hand claps, screams, and hints of zipping synthesizer effects. It’s a track that’s as slick as Suerta Rapida and as devilish as Robert Johnson.

Listen in below.

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