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Yasiin Bey (fka Mos Def) shares new track “NO Colonial Fiction”, discusses Paris attacks — listen

on November 16, 2015, 11:04am

The last time Yasiin Bey, fka Mos Def, released a song, it was one he’d recorded just the day prior in Paris. His newest track once again has a Parisian connection, though this one’s far more unfortunate. Bey decided to release “NO Colonial Fiction” in the wake of the terrorist attacks that occurred in the French capital on Friday, in honor of the victims and as a call for peace.

Over a fairly simple beat based mostly on a few piano notes, Bey spits heavily echoed lines referencing Tamir Rice and Zulu Nation while advising people to “Think happy thoughts and keep your hoes in check.” “Get your focus,” he begs, “Guns are smokin’/ Jails open/ But schools are closin’/ What the fuck type of rules are those?” Check out the track below.

While the song itself doesn’t appear to be directly inspired by the Paris attacks, Bey does have a message regarding those as well. He’s posted a telephone conversation between himself and Ferrari Sheppard that he’s titled “F*ck off ISIS”. Over the course of 21 minutes, he remarks that the terrorist organization has no business claiming relation to Islam, while also pleading for those affected by the attacks to be cautious of spreading hate or blame where it doesn’t belong. He takes issue with France closing its borders, and urges social media activists to use this opportunity to spread ideas about the “sanctity and divinity and nobility of being a human being” instead of hate. Listen below.

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