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Battleme shares new song “All Night, All Night” — listen

on December 02, 2015, 2:05pm

It’s said that the road changes people, and that’s certainly true for Battleme’s Matt Drenik. After touring relentless behind his band’s 2014 record, Future Runs Magnetic, he stowed himself away in his Portland, Oregon basement, a secluded contrast from the weeks spent in front of hungry crowds. Having played massive, guitar-driven rock songs almost every night for months, he began moving in a different direction. He found himself spending more time recording piano ballads demos on his phone instead of his usual distorted show-stoppers.

Drenik emerged from his basement with 20 sketches of songs and immediately booked time at Revolver Studios in Portland. Reconvening with the band, the songs began to take livelier shapes, though remained a far cry from their previous raucous compositions. Now, their newly blended style is ready to reach the masses when the group releases their third record, Habitual Love Songs, on January 15th via El Camino Media. Ahead of the release, the band has shared a snappy new song called “All Night, All Night”.

“‘All Night, All Night’ is my take on a bad trip song,” Drenik tells Consequence of Sound. “I think it’s a fairly universal occurrence now, at least at some point in your life. Usually there’s a partner involved, and in my case, there was. And once the TV static came, I knew it was just a matter of time before it all disappeared and we were left with each other, tired and sober, like bruised angels.”

While there are still guitars present on the track, there’s a new danceable quality that’s emerged within the band’s music. Floor shaking drums thud in the foreground while Drenik slyly croons around the bass rhythms. When the guitars do come in on the chorus, they’re an added texture and not face-melters. Battleme flourishes with their new skill-set, embracing subtly over crunchy riffs.

Listen in below.

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