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Henry Rollins shows you how to build and destroy a gingerbread house — watch

on December 22, 2015, 1:46pm

Henry Rollins is all about the holiday spirit. He proved as much with his appearance on the Late Show last week when he and Stephen Colbert shared a heartwarming/throat-straining duet of “Carol of the Bells”. In a new web exclusive clip from the show, the former Black Flag frontman partakes in another yuletide tradition by building a delicious-looking gingerbread house.

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With a delicate hand, Rollins puts the finishing touches on his edible abode, carefully squeezing frosting and lining the roof with gummy circle shingles. Of course, the best part about building a gingerbread house is what comes after, or what Rollins calls “phase two.” But Rollins doesn’t carefully eat the building little by little, preserving its beauty along the way; he dives in hard and heavy as ever, shoving his mouth full of sweet bits of holiday cheer, eventually just guzzling frosting right from the source.

Watch the Christmas master show you how it’s done in the video below.

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