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Kevin Devine shares latest entry in split 7-inch series, “No One Says You Have To” — listen

on December 10, 2015, 1:15pm

Kevin Devine has established himself to be a pretty prolific solo artist since parting ways with his former band, Miracle of 86, more than a decade ago. The singer-songwriter has toured the country relentlessly, building up a following as diverse as his music, which fluctuates from uptempo indie rock to breezy, contemplative folk.

Devine’s new song, “No One Says You Have To”, definitely skews toward the latter. Over gentle acoustic guitar plucking, Devine sings in sweet, folksy harmonies of being reminded that life doesn’t always need to be a struggle. “I say I can’t race forever/ Can’t raise the rock so high,” he sings. “She said no one says you have to/ Let go and take your time.”

The track comes from the latest entry in his six-part Devinyl Splits series, which has seen him pair up with artists ranging from Meredith Graves to Cymbals Eat Guitars. The other side of Devinyl Splits No. 5 features Chicago’s Owen, and it’s the most comfortable, logical pairing in the series yet. Both artists have contributed one solo acoustic song to the release (Owen’s is entitled “Critical Condition”).

Devinyl Splits No. 5 will be available digitally and on 7-inch vinyl beginning December 18th via Bad Timing Records. Pre-orders are ongoing.

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