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Killer Mike interviews Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

on December 15, 2015, 10:45am

Last month, Killer Mike showed his support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders by introducing the senator at a rally in Atlanta. Killer Mike also shared photos of the two dining at a soul food restaurant and throwing up the Run the Jewels hand gesture. It turns out that during this same visit, the two sat down for an on-camera interview at Killer Mike’s barber shop, The SWAG Shop.

The hour-long, six-part discussion was shared today through Killer Mike’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. “I’m professionally known as Killer Mike,” the rapper says by way of introduction. “I rap, and I rap about a lot of the stuff that you rant about, and I wanna talk about that.” Billed with the hashtag #ItsAConvoNotInterview, the videos cover topics like democratic socialism (“We can do infinitely better in providing economic rights to our people,” says Sanders), political deck stacking (“Obviously, the political system is decked on behalf of the wealthy, but that doesn’t mean you walk away from it”), and changing the public discourse (“I’m not a fool, and I know you don’t change this country overnight… Nothing happens unless people stand up”).

Both parties seem equally excited and engaged by the conversation, even as they don’t always agree. Get a lesson in politics and Sanders’ outlook by watching the greatest team up in hip-hopolitics below.

Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders Part 1: Economic Freedom:

Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders Part 2: Social Justice:

Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders Part 3: Rigged Economy:

Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders Part 4: Free Health Care: It Ain’t a Big Deal:

Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders Part 5: This Country Was Started As An Act Of Political Protest

Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders Part 6: Democrats Win When People Vote