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Sleigh Bells drop surprise new song “Champions of Unrestricted Beauty” — listen

on December 07, 2015, 11:45am

Photo​ ​by​ ​​Robert Altman

Sleigh Bells have made a big, bold name for themselves with eardrum shaking walls of noise pop. Though that does fine to show of Derek Miller’s technical and compositional prowess, the power of Alexis Krauss’ voice can often get overwhelmed by the screeches and screams. Not so on the band’s surprise new song, the beautiful and (comparatively) subdued “Champions of Unrestricted Beauty”.

Released via the duo’s Twitter account, the track is a notably subtler version of what they’re usually known for. There are still plenty of bombastic moments, as synths rain down and the chorus brings on some familiar booming bass blasts. The end even has fireworks launching off in the background. But with overall less fuzzy noise to break through, it’s Krauss’ voice singing Miller’s lyrics that gets a chance to really take hold. The warmer, uplifting notes are a fitting platform for the encouraging words as Krauss sings, “Remember what you said?/ What you were so afraid of/ You’re grinding inside, in pain/ But the sparks are bright.”

Take a listen to what could be the band’s prettiest song to date below.

According to the tweet that revealed the track, Sleigh Bells are nearing completing of their follow-up to 2013’s Bitter Rivals. Below, find the “Champions of Unrestricted Beauty” single artwork and lyrics.

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