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StaG share nostalgic new single “Colorado/Suicidal” — listen

on December 11, 2015, 11:15am

When you’re a kid, all you want to do is be a grownup. When you’re a grownup, all you want to do return to the carefree days of childhood. At that point, however, you’ve just seen too much. For Matt McGuire and Will Walden, at least they’ve seen it all together. The pair met when they were just five years old, staying beside one another when they moved from LA to Colorado for college, formed a band, and returned to Los Angeles. As StaG, they’ve found a way to channel the drama and complexities of growing up and adulthood into emotionally bare dance rock.

Now a fully-formed quintet with guitarist Matt Hamper, drummer Casey Baird, and bassist Tony Denove, StaG will return to shake off anxiety with their new LP, Don’t Check Out. Recorded in 11 summer days with producer Raymond Richards, the album features 11 tracks about “falling deep into a rabbit hole of self-obsession and attempting to pull back out by clutching the damaged roots of strained relationships,” says McGuire. As a preview of the new tunes, the band has shared lead single “Colorado/Suicidal”

“‘Colorado/Suicidal’ is a track about being unable to ignore a depressive, angsty, pity seeking past,” McGuire explains to Consequence of Sound, “despite diving head first into a more self-loving, meditative, new-age life.” That dichotomous sense of being is reflected in the song’s instrumentation. Twitchy electronics and sudden blurts of guitar punctuate the verses like a wild-haired mid-twenty-something ping-ponging between getting their act together and complete disarray. Of course, pinging backwards would solve nothing, as revealed in the charged chords of the chorus as McGuire and Walden yell, “Let us go back to Colorado/ When I was suicidal!”

The track is at once meditative and frantic, all the while maintaining a sense of self-deprecating joy. Check it out below, followed by the tracklist for the March release.

Don’t Check Out Tracklist:
01. Colorado/Suicidal
02. I Don’t Belong Here
03. Loneliness Comes
04. Code of the Schoolyard
05. Panic
06. I Never Saw Another
07. Narcissist
08. My Empathy is Dying Out
09. Don’t Check Out
10. Love is Waiting
11. I Come Back

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