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Grimes and her Art Angels rule the world in video for “Kill V. Maim” — watch

on January 19, 2016, 11:35am

With one of the best albums of last year, Grimes introduced the world to her new pack of personas, the Art Angels. Now she’s bringing fans into their world with her new video for one of 2015’s best songs, “Kill V. Maim”.

The clip paints a picture of a grimy (pun intended) sub-world beneath the neon glow and Mad Max meets Akira vehicles of the surface. But whichever layer Grimes and her Angels are roaming through, they bring their own menacing cool to the scene. It’s the type of wild, gorgeous glimpse into the mind of Claire Boucher’s fantasy that makes you wish you could actually enter and experience if for yourself. Except perhaps the Blade blood rave scene; she can keep that one.

Check out the video below.

“Kill V. Maim” begins with a title card reading “Act III,” making the clip a direct follow-up to the two-part “Flesh Without Blood”/”Live in the Vivid Dream” video Grimes released last October.

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