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Guy expertly trolls Ted Cruz with Nickelback sign

on January 27, 2016, 2:15pm

Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has been feeling the heat lately from fellow terrible politician and candidate Donald Trump. Specifically, The Donald’s campaign has been attacking Cruz’s Oval Office eligibility on the grounds that he was born in Calgary, Canada, and not the United States.

While the issue is somewhat of a cause for concern — remember the ridiculous birther movement surrounding President Obama? — there’s something far more pressing that Cruz should be worried about: For the last few weeks, a guy has been showing up at his Iowa events claiming Cruz is a Nickelback fan.

The man, who’s chosen to remain anonymous, often attends these gatherings holding up a sign that reads simply, “TED CRUZ LIKES NICKELBACK.” (I mean, need it really say more?) Yes, it’s quite the damning accusation — the kind of stuff that could instantly derail one’s political career — considering Nickelback’s “music,” and past brushes with the law. If you’ll recall, the Canadian band was once wanted by Australian police for “crimes against music” and was almost banned from performing in London.

More recently, the man in question has been stepping up his efforts to tarnish Cruz’s name. This past weekend, he showed up dressed as a mountie (aka a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police), equipped with Canadian flags which were decorated with Cruz’s face. He’s also been handing out copies of the Texas senator’s birth certificate.

“I just don’t want, really, a Canadian in office,” the man told The Washington Post. “It seems like he’s got a lot of controversy behind him whether he’s a U.S.-born citizen or not and I’m just out here making a statement.”

Trump is admittedly a catastrophic choice for commander-in-chief, but is the US really prepared to be led by someone who probably has all of Nickelback’s albums on vinyl?

(For what it’s worth, Chad Kroeger & co. have taken these Cruz accusations in stride; see below.)