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Heaps n Heaps make a mess in video for new song “Holy Things” — watch

on January 08, 2016, 10:15am

In a rock music video, a table loaded with plates of food follows the same principle as Chekhov’s gun: Somehow, all that food is going to end up splattered on the floor. In the video for new single “Holy Things”, L.A. indie rockers Heaps n Heaps live up to their name, stacking their table with piles of carrots, peas, biscuits, and mashed potatoes. While we wait for the satisfying payoff, they treat us to a charming pop tune that bears traces of soul, blues, and sun-drenched California rock.

The themes explored in “Holy Things”, however, aren’t exactly sunny. “This song asks questions and pokes fun of things that we all tend to take far too seriously or not seriously enough,” the band explains. “It’s hard not to be confused that certain people would rather see others die than live peacefully in this world.”

Both the song and the video capture these feelings of frustration and confusion, but there’s enough hope and humor poking out from the darkness to bring us back for seconds. Throw in a vodka martini and a sexually suggestive scene with a Shake Weight, and we’re pretty sure there won’t be any leftovers after this meal.

Check out the video for “Holy Things” below.

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