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Kendrick Lamar proves why he’s the best in the game debuting an incredible song on Fallon — watch

on January 08, 2016, 12:35am

Days after releasing To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick Lamar appeared on The Colbert Report and performed a song that wasn’t on the album. In fact, at the time he hadn’t even recorded it let alone named it, and still hasn’t as of today. Nevertheless, it was one of 2015’s best late-night moments (at least according to you), and further solidified K. Dot’s case as artist of the year (both for us and undoubtedly you).

Last night, Kendrick made his latest TV appearance in support of To Pimp A Butterfly, and once again he chose to take a non-album track detour. Yes, he used the occasion to unveil a brand new song, and yes, it was incredible. Musically, “Untitled 2” is in the same vein as To Pimp A Butterfly; a funky, jazzy jam provides the base for racially-charged, socially-conscious lyrics. He raps:

“Wrote this song lookin’ at a broke home, baby/ You know the poverty stricken, the little broke born baby/ Someone said Kendrick American, they sure is crazy/ And I said, why?/ Then he looked me in the eye/ And said, ‘Homie you messed up/ You’re beggin’ on good luck/ You’re wishin’ for miracles/ Livin’ through shit, you’re cryin’ hysterical’/ Settle for everything, complain about everything/ Say you sold crack, my world amphetamine/ My projects ain’t it, I live in a hut/ You’re livin’ to keep warm, I’m livin’ to pay rent/ I paid my way through, prayin’ to Allah/ You played your way through, dealin’ with wifi/ Bullshit yourself in talkin’ to strangers/ Same thing go for the ones you came with/ We all came on the boat lookin’ for hope/ And all you can say is that you’re lookin’ for dope/ These days ain’t no compromise/ Your pain ain’t mine half the time/ A brand new excuse ain’t nothin’ to me/ See I made my moves with shackled feet”

Watch the debut performance of “Untitled 2” below, and just think: if he’s dropping non-album tracks of this quality on TV, imagine what’s in store for album No. 4.