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Marathon share dreamy new single “Chrome Waves” — listen

on January 20, 2016, 3:55pm

Marathon has cycled through several lives in its short existence, transitioning from a bedroom pop project into a progressive indie rock band with ever-expanding layers of texture. If the Pennsylvania-based band’s latest single is any indication, they haven’t stopped evolving yet. “Chrome Waves” is the title track of Marathon’s forthcoming full-length, and it finds the band more focused and less prone to self-indulgence.

Frontman Zach Wagner has stripped down his song structures and built outward from there, layering ambient textures that don’t detract from the simple pleasures of the pop melody at the center of it all. His new approach on Chrome Waves involves sampling and a heavier dependence on synths, both of which are apparent in the album’s lead single.

The lyrics of “Chrome Waves” seem to reference Wagner’s personal struggle with anxiety, which almost crippled the band at one point. “I was having massive panic attacks on a daily basis where I couldn’t breathe and my heart would beat so intensely I was sure I was going to have a heart attack,” the songwriter explains. “I wasn’t musically inspired in the least and so I really didn’t have any way to cope without music. I decided to abandon whatever ideas I had surrounding what I thought Marathon was supposed to sound like and took a different approach to the music I was making, both in writing and production.”

Chrome Waves is the result of that approach. Listen in to the title track below.

Chrome Waves Album Trailer:

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