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Naked Lights share warped single “New Carrion” — listen

on January 18, 2016, 12:35pm

Photo by ​Shahram Imen

For Oakland five-piece Naked Lights, music isn’t a straightforward, hooky experience. After all, life is rarely clear sailing, so why should sound be any different? Their brand of post-punk is a dizzying, chattering swarm of sound, something that grips tightly around your brain and twists like a dirty sponge. Take their latest single, “New Carrion”, off the forthcoming On Nature, out January 29th via Castle Face.

Christipher Sprague provides a dub-y bass that lays down a pace for the dueling guitars of Christopher Hash and Cameron Stephens to race along. The furiously strummed instruments sound like they’re spitting at each other in some sort of fit, yelling and pulling out their hair as they speed through the track. It all creates a fever dream within which Aurora Crispin’s lyrics haunt: “Struggle with dreams. When/ When to escape them? How/ How to embrace them? When.” Ever unpredictable, the whole thing slows two-thirds of the way in as drummer Josh Lindenfelzer creates an almost tribal beat that drags the rest of the band into a desert sweat lodge.

Take a listen below.