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Stream: Wet’s debut album Don’t You

on January 29, 2016, 10:40am

Today, Western Massachusetts via Brooklyn synthpop trio Wet release their long-awaited debut album, Don’t You. Spotify users can stream it below. It’s also available through Apple Music.

Don’t You came together after the CoSigned band relocated from Brooklyn back to their home state of Mass. Moving meant giving themselves space to, as multi-instrumentalist Joe Valle put it, develop “a daily practice,” which led to a record with “a much wider sonic palette.” Electronic pop sounds are filtered through a minimalist R&B sieve to produce sweetly intimate pop songs.

As ever with their music, many of the songs focus on heartbreak and loss, though as singer Kelly Zutrau told us, it’s not always romantic. “Loss is still a really big theme lyrically,” she said, “but I think we went into different kinds of lost and just more general feelings … being alone, too, and loneliness. Sort of touching on a lot of different things within one song and bouncing around.”

Purchase the album here, and read Collin Brennan’s review.

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