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The ’70s are alive and weird in Savoy Motel’s video for “Hot One” — watch

on January 18, 2016, 1:30pm

Nashville has always had its own way of doing things, and the same goes for the city’s resident boogie rockers, Savoy Motel. The quartet play a style of funky rock that feels somehow detached from the reality of the present, or really any reality at all. It’s slick yet shambolic, grooving yet kooky — the fact that writer/producer/bassist Jeffrey Novak occasionally sings through a jaw harp certainly helps in that latter category. Even their recording habits are atypical, having already canned three entire albums yet released not a one.

That’ll change when the band finally drops their self-titled debut record later this year. According to Novak, they spent six months on Savoy Motel, with a solid two going almost exclusively to lead single “Hot One”. The funky song will be available as a 7-inch single b/w “Souvenir Shop Rock” via the band’s own merchandising wing, Official Memorabilia, in the near future, but they’re previewing it today with the track’s ridiculously ’70s video. The clip follows a sax player (“the Hot One”) as he searches for his big hit, with scenes of Savoy Motel swaying in their quirky way cut throughout.

Check it out below.

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