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The-Dream drops surprise visual album Genesis

on January 08, 2016, 2:50pm

Late last month, The-Dream dropped IAMSAM, a Sam Cooke covers album, completely out of nowhere. The R&B artist is back this week with another surprise project: a 42-minute short film titled Genesis which features 10 brand new songs.

Genesis is to be considered a “prequel” to The-Dream’s forthcoming, as-yet-unannounced 2016 releases. On TIDAL, where the film is streaming exclusively at the moment, it’s described as exploring “variations of his random dreams represented as symbols, the face of his soul, and the conflict within himself.” The-Dream elaborated further in a statement:

“This visual art project was created to give fans a glimpse of my daily thoughts. I, along with my fans, are lovers of music and art, but to me those two worlds are one and the same. I can never fully explain what I see and what I hear separately, it must be fused into one. For instance you take a song like “Holy Grail”; when I wrote the music and the vocal for that record, I had a vision that came simultaneously with that record itself. I feel cheated when songs leave my heart without the vision intended.”

Watch/stream Genesis in its entirety over at TIDAL. Below, watch a trailer for the film and a short preview of one of its tracks, the Wiz Khalifa-aided “Virtuous”.