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The Lower 48 shake things up with new single “I Think You Got It” — listen

on January 19, 2016, 8:30am

When The Lower 48 started out, they sounded something like what The Beatles might have been if the time were different and they’d grown up listening to The Decemberists. But as will happen when you start a band at just 18 years old, the trio’s sound steadily grew and progressed. Sprinkle in some early-aughts indie pop, and you have the sound they concocted for their latest full-length release, Hot Fool.

It might seem difficult to balance all that genre-hopping, but Ben Braden, Sarah Parson, and Nicky Sadler make it feel easy. Each is a multi-instrumentalist, and though they have very different singing styles, their voices come together in classic harmony. You can hear it all on their new single, “I Think You Got It”. Parson leads the way with her alluring warble, with Braden and Sadler backing her up with vocals that echo ’60s pop harmonies as often as they do ’90s rock acts.

Musically, “I Think You Got It” is a jaunty jog of a track, galloping percussion clicking away underneath churning guitar strings. Though the groove is at first light and almost soft, other instruments start to insert themselves into the scene, from slowly buzzing synths to muted horns. “This song is one of those rare creations that happened all at once, quickly,” the band tells Consequence of Sound of the track. “It is very much written to grab people’s attention at a loud bar, which most of our tours consist entirely of.”

Press play and pay attention below.