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Demi Lovato calls out Taylor Swift for her $250,000 donation to Kesha

on February 22, 2016, 5:25pm

Earlier today Taylor Swift donated $250,000 to help aid Kesha as she deals with the most recent legal defeat regarding alleged rapist Dr. Luke. While most saw the move as a gesture of support from one pop musician to another, Demi Lovato holds a different opinion.

“Take something to Capitol Hill or actually speak out about something and I’ll be impressed,” the former Disney star wrote on Twitter shortly after news of Swift’s donation emerged. The tweet quickly drew the ire of Swift’s enormous fanbase, which interpreted Lovato’s words as direct “shade” to the 1989 singer.

One Swift fan in particular wrote on Instagram, “I appreciate that you spoke up about the issue, but the fact that it seems you shaded Taylor because she donated money instead of tweeting out about it just isn’t right … Taylor donated and Kesha’s mom was very appreciative so I don’t get why you can’t be? Not trying to be rude, but seriously.”

This afternoon, Lovato addressed the backlash and defended her tweet by replying directly to the above fan’s comment, as JustJared points out. Though she claims she wasn’t slighting Swift, her response reads as more a #sorrynotsorry kind of statement:

“I didn’t shade Taylor. If you take it that way than [sic] fine. I’m just tired of seeing women use ‘women empowerment’ and ‘feminism’ to further brands without actually being the ones that have the uncomfortable conversations. I get shade and I don’t give a fuck because someone has to be the one to take it.”

Lovato also spoke out against those who claim she’s made the Kesha situation about herself. In the process, she again brought up Swift yet maintained no beef exists between them.

“How the fuck am I making this about myself? At least I’m talking about it. Not everyone has 250k to just give to people. Would love to but I didn’t grow up with money and def haven’t made as much as her. At Least I speak up about shit that’s uncomfortable to talk about rather than trying to be politically correct 24/7.

There’s no ‘rivalry’ I just give more fucks than other people and would rather start a dialogue ABOUT WOMEN COMING FORWARD ABOUT BEING RAPED than throw my money at one person.”