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Kanye West says he’s $53 million in personal debt

on February 13, 2016, 10:10pm

Say what you will about Kanye West’s personality, and Yeezus knows there’s a lot to be said, but there’s no denying the man’s commitment to his craft. In a series of tweets prior to his performance on Saturday Night Live this evening, Kanye revealed that he’s racked up over $53 million in personal debt.

Presumambly a majority of that debt has been accrued via his various fashion endeavors. APC founder Jean Touitou confirmed as much in a 2014 interview, at the time saying Kanye was $30 million in the hole from his line of women’s clothes.

In a separate tweet, Kanye revealed that his new album, The Life of Pablo, is not named about Pablo Picasso or Pablo Escobar, but rather Paul the Apostle.

Lastly, all memes are wrong.