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M.I.A. references 2012 Super Bowl controversy on new track “Boom ADD” — listen

on February 25, 2016, 11:30am

Just in case you thought Beyoncé was the first woman of color to ever cause a stir at the Super Bowl Halftime show (and anyone who knows the phrase “wardrobe malfunction” knows she’s not), M.I.A. is here to remind you she came first. The outspoken artist has released a new track called “Boom AD” which heavily references her flipping the bird during Madonna’s 2012 Halftime performance. You know, the incident that prompted the NFL to attempt to sue M.I.A. for $16.6 million. For a hand gesture.

The song, which is actually an expanded versions of the track “Boom (Skit)” off of 2013’s Matangi, opens with what appears to be a phone message from M.I.A.’s lawyer explaining the legal situation in which she found herself. After the original “Boom (Skit)” verses, there’s a lengthy addition that finds her rapping lines about how India has impacted the history of the US yet brown skinned individuals still get discriminated against. “American tech outsourced to my city/ Made by a hippie/ Yeah, it’s fuckin’ trippy,” she spits. “Beatles in the sixties/ Timbaland and Missy/ software, underwear, bootlegged in my factory.”

Take a listen below.

It’s unknown if this track will appear on M.I.A.’s forthcoming Matahdatah project, but since it’s technically an older song, that seems unlikely. For a taste of her new stuff, check out “Borders”.

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