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Paul McCartney, Beck and Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins got rejected from Grammy afterparty — watch

on February 16, 2016, 2:35pm

In a story that’s top-to-bottom illogical, a Beatle, a Foo Fighter, and an alternative icon got rejected from Tyga‘s Grammys afterparty last night. First off, why Paul McCartney, Taylor Hawkins, and Beck were even trying to get into Tyga’s event is worth wondering at, but the fact that they couldn’t get in is just dumbfounding.

The all-star trio were caught by TMZ cameras attempting to get into The Argyle club following the Grammy ceremony. After the cameraman asks a blank-faced Macca what his favorite Rolling Stones song is, they make their way towards the door. Amazingly, they get turned away not once, but twice. Upon being shut out the first time, you can hear Macca yelling, “Mark Ronson! Mark Ronson,” perhaps in an attempt to get the security guards to recognize a name with which they may have been more familiar.

“How VIP do we gotta get?” jokes a stunned McCartney. “We need another hit, guys! We need another hit,” he says, before pointing to Beck. “Work on it!”

Watch video of the unprecedented incident below.

It’s true the group may have been looking for Ronson’s own party at the Elyx House and got turned around. One way or another, they finally found sanctuary at Republic Records’ party at Hyde.

Meanwhile, in a second video, Tyga appears to rather pretend he wasn’t responsible for denying a freakin’ Beatle access to a club. His disbelieving buddy Bow Wow, on the other hand, thinks that maybe the fact that the rappers are Argyle regulars attributed to them getting preferential treatment over a freakin’ Beatle. Watch below.