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Rich Jones joined by Taylor Bennett, IceFace on new single “Magic Man” — listen

on February 05, 2016, 12:55pm

Photo by​ Katie Levine

Chicago has become an epicenter for emerging hip-hop artists over the last few decades. Long before Kanye West and Chance the Rapper were bringing eyes and ears to the city, it was Chaka Khan and Curtis Mayfield. Now, Rich Jones is aiming to bridge the years between Chicago soul and Chi-town rap with his own unique blend of genres.

Fresh off last summer’s Pigeons & Waffles EP, Jones will seek to expand upon his local success with his latest project, February 16th’s Pink Slips. Though his sights may be set beyond his city’s borders, a Chicagoan never leaves his home behind. Accordingly, he’s brought along fellow rising rappers Taylor Bennett and IceFace for the latest Pink Slips single, “Magic Man”.

While the track doesn’t have the same reverentially soulful vibe as previous single “Devotion”, there’s still plenty of old-school feel sliced into the beat. A ’70s-rich chatoyant synth shimmers atop a smooth drum machine while Jones recounts his tribulations in the street game. Bennett delivers his verse in double-take speed before IceFace drops in hard to spit about his hustling highs and lows. Check out the cut below.

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