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Robert Pollard is reuniting Guided By Voices again

on February 09, 2016, 3:15pm

Guided By Voices had a solid four-year run after their initial reunion in 2010. They released six records and toured the world extensively before breaking up for the second time in 2014, with frontman Robert Pollard returning to his prolific solo career. Now, though, Pollard is getting the band back together once again. Well, sort of.

Calgary’s Sled Island Festival today announced its initial lineup for 2016, and Guided By Voices tops the bill. What’s more, a new GBV record in said to be in the words.

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Exactly whom the live version of the band will consist of is currently a mystery. Pollard is the only named currently attached to the reunion, and he also plays every instrument on the forthcoming album. When they last got together, GBV featured the “Classic ’93-’96 lineup” of guitarists Mitch Mitchell and Tobin Sprout, bassist Greg Demos, and drummer Kevin Fennell. Fennell was replaced by Kevin March in late 2013 after he tried to sell his drums on eBay for $55,000.

Update – Tuesday, February 9th at 4:05 p.m.: The new GBV lineup consists of Pollard, Bobby Bare Jr. (guitar), Kevin March (drums), Nick Mitchell (guitar), and Mark Shue (bass).

What is known is that Pollard is also set to release a true solo album on March 4th via Fire. Dubbed Of Course You Are, the record marks his 24th solo effort. It’s previewed by the single “My Daughter Yes She Knows”, a sunsetting rocker that rises and stumbles on a classic Pollard riff. Check it out below.

Also playing Sled Island this year will be guest curator Peaches, as well as Built to Spill, Deafheaven, The Sonics, Angel Olsen, Julia Holter, Tortoise, Protomartyr, HEALTH, Suuns, Dawn of Midi Psychic TV, and more.