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Robert Pollard tells you how it is on new single “I Can Illustrate” — listen

on February 23, 2016, 10:00am

Robert Pollard is never not busy. Being prolific comes as easy to him as blinking does to the rest of us. That’s why even as he’s gearing up to reform Guided By Voices, he’s also just days away from the release of his 24th solo album, Of Course You Are. Due out March 4th via Fire Records, Pollard first previewed the record with “My Daughter Yes She Knows”, and he’s today debuting a new track entitled “I Can Illustrate”.

The song is perhaps the most exemplary of where Pollard finds himself on Of Course You Are. He’s supported by Ricked Wicky’s Nick Mitchell (who’s also a part of the newly revived GBV), who played everything on the album, and his multi-instrumental mastery is on full display here. His drumming is taut and catchy to death, his bass playing entrancing, and that guitar solo at the two-minute mark is the kind that bring tears to a rock fan’s eyes.

While Mitchell’s ability to put his own adroit hands on Pollard’s work only elevates the writer’s music, taking it in new and unexpected directions, he still lets its author shine. “Now I really wanna play the role,” Pollard sings in that well traveled and ever-sharp voice. “I want to illustrate/ Give it to me with the heart and soul/ That I can imitate.”

Take a listen to the track below.

Of Course You Can Album Artwork:

Robert Pollard - Of Course You Are