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Scottish post-punks Holy Esque share new song “Oslo” — listen

on February 04, 2016, 9:35am

Glasgow’s Holy Esque tend to coat their songs in atmospheric effects, but don’t let that fool you: This post-punk quartet is all sinewy muscle when it comes down to it. Their new single, “Oslo”, comes stuffed with enough feedback to make fellow Scots The Jesus and Mary Chain proud, but underneath those curtains of distortion is an anthem writhing to break free. That resonance makes a lot of sense when you understand the story behind the track.

“Oslo was written as part of a trilogy of songs,” explains vocalist Pat Hynes. “A tragic tale that follows a prostitute, harassed and tortured until her final hour with everything left behind. It began in 2012 with ‘Ladybird Love’, followed by ‘Doll House’ from our [forthcoming] debut album At Hope’s Ravine and finishes with ‘Oslo’. Emotional tracks that truly reach their pinnacle with this heavy and heartfelt song.”

“Oslo” appears as a B-side on Holy Esque’s Tear 7-inch, but the band also have big plans for a full-length. That debut LP, At Hope’s Ravine, is due out February 26th via Beyond the Frequency. Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Jon Schumann (Mew, Kashmir), the album revels in huge sounds and abstract concepts. “These are songs about belonging, fear, love, self-doubt, dreams, religion, release, darkness versus light and escape — especially escape,” reflects Hynes.

At Hope’s Ravine is available to pre-order now, and you can check out “Oslo” below.

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